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Estopa Rumba A Lo Desconocido [2015] =LINK=

estopa is a spanish rock/rumba duo from cornell de llobregat, spain. their songs el run run and cuando amanece reached number one on billboard's chart in spain, and con la mano levanta reached number four. the band consists of brothers jos and david muoz; their style includes rock, rumba, and flamenco genres. the band has stated, we don't like to be easily categorized.

Estopa Rumba a lo Desconocido [2015]

in late 2005, the band released their highly anticipated album voces de ultrarumba. the disc includes older songs written by the brothers that estopa could not record due to limits on each disc. the songs no quiero verla ms and malabares were particularly popular. the album was released as a special, dual-disc cd/dvd set.

according to xoraida, the first record that estopa release wasnt even recorded in their own home country. in fact, they had to record it at a studio in barcelona. at the time they werent sure if they would be able to convince the owner to let them use the studio, but the band needed it to finish the recording in time for the release of their debut record. luckily, the owner was willing to work with them and estopa were able to record there.

all of their albums, right from their debut release, have been made up of songwriter muoz calvo. during the recording process for rumba a lo desconocido, the brothers went through many different styles and ended up creating what is now their signature sound. throughout the recording process, the musicians were able to get to know the brothers personally and helped to shape the sound of the album. one thing that the brothers consider important is that they are capable of creating an album that their audience would enjoy listening to and they are making a conscious effort to do this with every album they release.


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