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We believe that goodness and kindness are inspirational, change-agent qualities and it is our firm conviction that urban renewal can begin to take place when a focused and contagious momentum of genuine kindness is made manifest. Our desire is to inspire individuals, families and entire neighborhoods to take responsibility and ownership for the growth, improvement and well-being of their personal lives and community. Through partnerships and kindness-based initiatives we believe the physical, emotional and spiritual climate of an entire community can be changed for good.


Dough Boy is not a bad person, but he is into booze and drugs and will sooner or later find bad trouble. He spends most of his days on the front steps, drinking, plotting, feeding his resentments. They live in a neighborhood where violence is a fact of life, where the searchlights from police helicopters are like the guard lights in a prison camp, where guns are everywhere, where a kid can go down to the corner store and not come home alive. In painting the cops as an occupying force, Singleton is especially hard on one self-hating black cop, who uses his authority to mishandle young black men.

Urban Books' popular Girls from da Hood series is back, bringing listeners more dramatic tales about the lives of some tough, resourceful women who can hold their own when things get rough on the streets. This time, Redd, Nikki-Michelle, and Erick S. Gray deliver the stories with their trademark flair. Like a hood-rich Bonnie and Clyde, Candy and Raynail have their hands on all of the drugs that run through the veins of Westwood. When Raynail is set up to take the fall for a crime he didn't commit, Candy goes on a mission to take down everyone involved.

Gabby Davenport spent the first 15 years of her life in the suburbs, living a privileged and sheltered existence. When her mother dies unexpectedly, she is forced to move from her middle class neighborhood into Cumberland Projects in Brooklyn. Gabby's life will never be the same. Mika, the queen bee of the projects, doesn't appreciate the arrival of this private-school good girl. Mika and her posse are on a mission to make Gabby's life miserable, and things only get worse when Mika's "friend with benefits" B-Waite decides he wants to make Gabby his girl.

If you find yourself in need of legal assistance, it is important to turn to an experienced lawyer to protect your interests. At Knight & Dahood, our team of four highly skilled attorneys offer more than 90 years of combined experience successfully handling various legal concerns and issues jeopardizing your rights.

At Knight & Dahood, we place a premium on professionalism and communication. Our attorneys never stray from the idea that your needs set our legal course. With more than 90 years of combined experience, our lawyers work as a team to give each client the personalized representation they deserve.

At Knight & Dahood, we do not limit ourselves to one specific sector of the law. Rather, our focus is on providing Montanans with comprehensive service for a variety of legal issues. Our firm has successfully handled an assortment of claims ranging in nature from simple to complex. Areas of practice include, but are not limited to, family law, personal injury, eminent domain, real estate, criminal defense and civil litigation.

Parker became unhinged after losing his hood and desperate to get it back. When he found out Black Cat was visiting Peter Parker in the hospital, he broke into his room with a gun and threatened him and his girlfriend, Mary Jane Watson, telling Felicia he'd put a bullet in Peter's head if she couldn't get him his hood back by the end of he night. Felicia agreed on the condition that Mary Jane come with her because she was "part of her crew". Robbins spent the night waiting beside the comatose Peter, until he concluded they weren't coming back. Getting ready to make good on his promise, both women arrived just in time and presented him with his hood seemingly functioning as it used to. However, Black Cat had tricked him and as soon as he put it on found that it was really the demon bag that initially ate his hood. Once it appeared, it consumed him whole having gotten a taste for him.[61] 041b061a72


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