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Gta Iv Police Packl PATCHED

like the lspd's police interceptor, the second generation police cruisers are completely red, except the right front headlight, which is a dark red. they also possess a more modern appearance, with a new body style, redesigned front and rear bumpers, and redesigned rear lights. as with the police interceptor, the left front headlight is a dark red, and the first generation remains available as a civilian car. the second generation police cruisers can be equipped with a police computer, which allows niko to carry out the vigilante side-mission, and call in backup.

Gta Iv Police Packl

it's always a treat to see niko behind the wheel of a police cruiser, and the second generation lspd police cars are a great addition to the game. the police cruisers of both generations perform on par with the existing police interceptors, and excel in their most common role as lapd vehicles. the lspd police cruisers aren't used as frequently in the game as the lspd police interceptors, but the police cruisers are also more versatile than the lspd police interceptors, in that they can be used in any mission, instead of being restricted to the "tracking" mission in the mission tree.

there is a mix of two versions of police cruisers: the first generation (known as the "police interceptor") and the second generation (known as the "police interceptor police cruiser"). the first generation police cruiser appears in the story missions, where it serves as the personal vehicle for bumpy.

the in-game police cruiser is almost identical to the lspd police cruiser in gta iv, but is a lot cheaper to purchase. the lspd police cruiser is found in the police lockup in burbank, and can be used as a high-speed chase vehicle to take down fleeing suspects.


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