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Call of War: The Multiplayer Game that Lets You Rewrite History

Call of War: A Strategy Game Set in World War II

Call of War is a multiplayer online strategy game that lets you take control of one of the nations involved in World War II and try to achieve world domination. You can choose from different historical scenarios, such as the global conflict, the European theater, or the Antarctic base. You can also play on custom maps that feature different regions and countries.

In this article, we will review some of the features and aspects of Call of War, such as the gameplay, the units, the research, the diplomacy, and the tips and tricks to succeed in this game. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about Call of War.

call of war


Call of War is played in real-time, but each game round can last for several weeks or even months. You can join or create game rooms with up to 100 players, and form coalitions with other players to cooperate or compete. Each game round has a specific victory condition, such as conquering a certain percentage of the map or accumulating enough victory points.

You start with a few provinces and units, and you have to expand your territory by conquering other provinces and building up your economy and military. You can construct various buildings that produce resources, such as food, oil, metal, rare materials, money, and manpower. You can also construct buildings that enable unit production and research.

You can produce different types of units that belong to different categories: infantry, armor, air force, navy, and secret weapons. Each unit has its own strengths and weaknesses, and can be upgraded through research. You can also use special abilities such as espionage, sabotage, nuclear bombs, rockets, paratroopers, and commandos.

You can command your units to move across the map using roads or railways. You have to consider the terrain types and the weather conditions that affect the movement speed and combat effectiveness of your units. You also have to deal with morale and rebellion issues in your provinces.


Research is an important aspect of Call of War that allows you to unlock new units and technologies that give you an edge over your enemies. You can research different branches of science: infantry technology, armor technology, air force technology, naval technology, secret technology, industry technology, infrastructure technology.

Each branch has several levels that require more time and resources to research. You can only research one level per branch at a time. Researching higher levels also unlocks new buildings that enable unit production or improve your economy.


Diplomacy is another important aspect of Call of War that allows you to interact with other players and AI countries. You can use diplomacy to declare war or peace, form alliances or coalitions, trade resources or provinces, share intelligence or maps, send messages or ultimatums.

You have to consider your global popularity when using diplomacy. Global popularity is a measure of how other countries perceive you based on your actions. If your global popularity is low, you will face more resistance and hostility from other countries. If your global popularity is high, you will have more allies and supporters.

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Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to help you succeed in Call of War:

  • Plan ahead and prioritize your goals. Decide which provinces you want to conquer first and which units you want to produce.

  • Balance your economy and military. Don't spend all your resources on units or buildings. Save some for emergencies or opportunities.

  • Use ranged units such as artillery or air force to weaken your enemies before attacking them with melee units such as infantry or armor.

  • Use terrain and weather to your advantage. Avoid attacking across rivers or mountains unless you have superior numbers or firepower.

  • Use diplomacy wisely. Don't make enemies unnecessarily or break promises without good reason.


Call of War is a strategy game that offers a lot of depth and challenge for fans of World War II history and warfare. You can experience different scenarios and outcomes based on your choices and actions. You can also enjoy the social aspect of playing with other players from around the world.

If you are looking for a fun and challenging strategy game set in World War II, you might want to give Call of War a try. You can play it for free on your browser or download it on Steam. You can also join the community of Call of War players and share your feedback and suggestions on the official forum or Discord server.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Call of War:



How do I join or create a game round?

You can join or create a game round by clicking on the "New Game" button on the main menu. You can filter the game rounds by map, scenario, speed, players, and status. You can also create a custom game round by clicking on the "Create Game" button and choosing the settings you want.

How do I communicate with other players?

You can communicate with other players by using the chat window on the bottom right corner of the screen. You can choose to chat with all players, your coalition members, or a specific player. You can also send private messages to other players by clicking on their name on the diplomacy screen.

How do I win a game round?

You can win a game round by fulfilling the victory condition of the scenario you are playing. The victory condition can be seen on the top right corner of the screen. It can be based on conquering a certain percentage of the map, accumulating enough victory points, or being the last player standing.

How do I get more resources?

You can get more resources by conquering more provinces, building more resource-producing buildings, trading with other players, or using gold. Gold is a premium currency that can be bought with real money or earned by completing achievements or watching ads.

How do I get more gold?

You can get more gold by buying it with real money, completing achievements, watching ads, or participating in events and promotions. You can also get gold by inviting your friends to play Call of War and earning a percentage of their gold purchases.


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