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Miles Brown
Miles Brown


The study aimed to investigate the relationship between the dimensions of cognitive load and speaking anxiety among students at Sekolah Menengah 1 (SM1) Lampung, Indonesia. A descriptive research design was applied to 69 students of SM1 Lampung. The result of this study showed that there was a correlation between the dimensions of cognitive load and speaking anxiety. The cognitive load can directly affect speaking anxiety (correlation coefficient =.656, p


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The study aimed to identify the relationship between the teaching method and learning achievements in Form II (Jiwah) students in Lampung, West Sumatra, Indonesia. A survey method was applied to 76 Form II Jiwah students at Sekolah Menengah Pembangunan (SMP) KM Lampung. The result of this study was that the teaching method directly affects the students' learning achievements. The factors that can affect the students' learning achievements are students themselves, school and the lecturer. The students themselves can directly affect their learning achievements (correlation coefficient = -.470, p


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