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A Beautiful Mind Subtitles Hindi 73

"After this verse, in the original manuscript of the poem, are the four following stanzas: The thoughtless World to Majesty may bow Exalt the brave, & idolize SuccessBut more to Innocence their Safety owe Than Power & Genius e'er conspired to blessAnd thou, who mindful of the unhonour'd Dead Dost in these Notes their artless Tale relateBy Night & lonely Contemplation led To linger in the gloomy Walks of FateHark how the sacred Calm, that broods around Bids ev'ry fierce tumultuous Passion ceaseIn still small Accents whisp'ring from the Ground A grateful Earnest of eternal PeaceNo more with Reason & thyself at Strife; Give anxious Cares & endless Wishes roomBut thro' the cool sequester'd Vale of Life Pursue the silent Tenour of thy Doom.'And here the Poem was originally intended to conclude, before the happy idea of the hoary-headed Swain, &c., suggested itself to him.' (Mason.)Some of the phrases he was able to use in his final version, but he could find no place for the beautiful third stanza and, with his scrupulous care for design, refused to make one. Compare the similar instance at l. 116."

a beautiful mind subtitles hindi 73



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